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KEG 1 distribution facility
Eurostampa's expansion will be complete by the end of this year.

Building relationships is integral to the work we do, and referrals from our clients are rewarding validation that we are doing things right. When Italy-based Eurostampa North America began bidding the expansion of its Greater Cincinnati operation, they asked their neighbor, Links Unlimited about their experience with Miller-Valentine Construction. In 2011, we built Links’ office/warehouse structure at the same time the Eurostampa facility was being constructed on the adjacent lot, and there was plenty of interaction between the two companies.

“During the 2011 construction, our paths often crossed with Miller-Valentine’s, and their project managers could not have been nicer or easier to work with—they gave us a good feeling about their company,” says Garry Lanham, Eurostampa North America Chief Financial Officer. According to Lanham, “Not only was the construction experience extremely positive for Links, but after their building was completed, Miller-Valentine kept in contact with them, making sure everything continued to go smoothly. This follow-up and ongoing support is very impressive and was a huge consideration when we selected a construction partner.”

An internationally respected printer of high-quality labels for the spirits, wine and chocolate industries, Eurostampa’s U.S. customer base has grown rapidly, and the Cincinnati operation now produces 2 billion labels annually. Just since the start of this year, its work force has grown by 30%. Miller-Valentine will complete Eurostampa’s 54,907-square-foot addition by the end of this year. From day one, keeping the project moving forward without impacting the company’s 24/7 operations has been of paramount importance.

The project has had its challenges. However, says Lanham, “Miller-Valentine has met them head on, come up with great options and has always been respectful of keeping us up and running.”

The building expansion falls in the original docks area. Considering our options, we developed a concept that has allowed Eurostampa to continue to move product by temporarily relocating the docks to a part of the new building that is not yet involved in day-to-day business.

At several locations, the new addition extends into the original building. At these points, barriers between the new construction and ongoing operations have been maintained to avoid impacting Eurostampa’s temperature- and humidity-sensitive printing processes.

By far the biggest obstacle to tackle, debris in the subgrade left over from a pre-Eurostampa building was quite a bit more expansive than originally anticipated. With all of the old foundation and other underground structures now excavated and backfilled, the project is on schedule for end-of-year completion.

Says Lanham, “We feel fortunate to have Miller-Valentine on the project. We’ve been very pleased, and we see quite a bit of opportunity in North America—a lot of opportunity to work with Miller-Valentine in the future.”

AcuSport expansion hits the mark—for the company and its community

AcuSport’s warehouse expansion.

Construction is complete on the expansion of AcuSport Corporation’s existing facility in Bellefontaine, Ohio. What began last summer as a small office addition and renovation has evolved into a 130,000-square-foot expansion that meets the needs of this rapidly growing company—adding on a second story and doubling the warehouse space of the building we had originally constructed for them in 1989.

Designing and building expansions is part and parcel to what we do. But, behind the walls of the building onto which we are adding space there is a living, breathing company that has work to do. We take very seriously our dual responsibility to execute top-quality construction while ensuring that our clients’ day-to-day operations carry on without a hitch. In AcuSport’s case, as a distributor of shooting sports products and services for firearms retailers, the project required the incorporation of additional security measures that created a rather unique worksite.

Security check

Dovetailing with the airtight security protocols AcuSport already had in place, we created a plan to ensure their facility would be secure at all times. A physical barrier was constructed between our worksite and AcuSport’s business. We established specific entry/exit gates for our employees, developed procedures for entering the AcuSport business, ran background checks on all personnel and installed metal detectors and alarm systems indoors and out. In addition, AcuSport brought in a 24/7 security company. Bottom line: Collaborating with AcuSport since day one, there has not been a single security incident.

Renovation Teamwork

From the early stages of the project, the Miller-Valentine and AcuSport design teams worked together to identify company-wide needs to deliver workspace that is modern, flexible and aesthetically impressive.

Natural elements such as wood flooring and stacked stone wall create an outdoor-themed effect.

With the use of earth tones accented by AcuSport’s red and green corporate colors and natural elements (stained concrete floors, wood trim and wood flooring, dry stack stone), the design team created a themed experience for AcuSport’s outdoors-loving customers.

Miller-Valentine’s Vice President and Director of Design Leigh Ann Turner, explains, one of the most innovative features of the interior design involves the use of Steelcase’s new state-of-the-art VIA (Vertical Intelligent Architecture) wall system. These vertical planes run floor to ceiling, are easily moveable to reconfigure spaces as needed in the future and allow for the integration of glass and other features such as whiteboard walls and embedded computer monitors.

Of great importance to AcuSport was privacy between offices. The VIA system is one of the most highly rated acoustical systems on the market, providing excellent quality and a friendly, open-door work environment for AcuSport’s employees and their customers.

AcuSport facility in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

Community proud

The city of Bellefontaine is a smaller community that prides itself in promoting “buy local” wherever possible. For years, the city’s subcontractors have worked with AcuSport, and this project was no different. The consolidation of the local resources into our process was seamless and mutually beneficial. Says AcuSport Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bill Fraim, “The use of area subcontractors fostered a true sense of community throughout this expansion project.”

An extremely difficult winter—one for the record books—and a soggy spring played havoc with our schedule. But working weekends, early hours and overtime, our construction team was able to complete AcuSport’s project on time, on budget and with absolutely no disruption to daily operations.

“After completion of our new facility in 1989, I knew then that we had found our long-term construction partner!” says Fraim, adding, “When the decision was made to expand our current operations, the selection of Miller-Valentine to complete this project was the obvious choice. We trusted Miller-Valentine to deliver on our needs, goals, dreams, wishes, additions and improvements. The high level of quality, responsiveness, performance, professionalism and desire to meet commitments was outstanding.”

Doing our job so you can do yours

Chris Knueven

“Successful business growing into expanded space.” This is the story every company wants to tell. But, now that you are ready to build out and/or up, how do you continue to keep your operation running smoothly with bulldozers digging, carpenters constructing, electricians wiring, new walls tilting up, new equipment being installed? That’s our job—we do our work so you can do yours, worry and hassle free.

In this issue, we tell the stories of the expansion and renovation of two clients, both executed without interruption to their day-to-day workflow. There are challenges, yes—both predictable and unexpected. That is the nature of this business. There will be give and take and brainstorming of creative approaches and workarounds to ensure the productive co-existence of our clients’ enterprises and our construction progress. It takes a lot of skilled hands on deck and careful orchestration of the construction “symphony.” We make it work.

Key to this synergistic relationship is mutual trust and respect, and that is something that Miller-Valentine Construction nurtures from the first handshake. We look forward to helping you build your company’s future. We enjoy being your guide to realize your vision while you focus on doing what you do best. Give us a call.

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