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KEG 1 distribution facility
Site of the KEG 1 O'Neal distribution facility in Weatherford, Texas.

Miller-Valentine Construction is moving with the times. A few decades ago, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities lined our interstates. Then, they became old and vacant—eyesores rather than thriving businesses. Increased competition in the distribution marketplace has required the development of larger, newer, modern facilities to more efficiently accommodate demand. Miller-Valentine has taken the lead in replacing or expanding those facilities to accommodate the new distribution model for the 21st century.

Miller-Valentine saw it coming, so we pulled together more than 50 years of construction and market know-how and made plans to meet this new trend. Last year, we renovated a vacant 779,000-square-foot building in Dayton, Ohio, for Heidelberg Distributing Co., a major beer and wine distributor in the area. We helped with the entire process—Miller-Valentine consulted with Heidelberg to analyze all possible real estate options and ultimately provided a lower-cost solution with a shorter schedule by renovating an existing building rather than constructing a new facility. We also facilitated in the negotiation and transfer of ownership of their former building.

From the success of that project, as well as the long-standing relationship between Miller-Valentine Partner/Executive Vice President, Jack Goodwin and Jay Morgeson of Morgeson Law Office LLC on projects in Ohio, Kentucky, and Arizona, came the opportunity to bid on the KEG 1 O’Neal distribution facility in Weatherford, Texas. Our development expertise was a major factor in the selection of Miller-Valentine for the construction of the entire infrastructure of the company’s new 114,000-square-foot facility on 12 acres of a 42-acre site.

KEG 1 O’Neal is one of the innovators of the industry’s new “mindset.” To meet the demands of their expanded distribution capabilities, KEG 1 O’Neal in Weatherford, Texas is consolidating multiple, older facilities into one newer, more efficient distribution complex. The design-build, concrete tilt-up project is fully air conditioned with warehouse space, offices and a mezzanine in the main building. A 5,053-square-foot draught cooler is located inside the main warehouse and a 200-foot outbound dock and 140-foot inbound dock facilitate the building’s busy distribution traffic.

Miller-Valentine’s experience in national as well as local construction, made it relatively easy to shape the logistics for the KEG 1 O’Neal development. Our design team manages and coordinates projects with our construction manager who is on site full time. Workers—as well as materials and equipment—come from the local region. It’s a good system and brings Miller-Valentine significant repeat business and maintains our leading edge in the construction industry.

On making a difference

Chris Knueven

It’s amazing how resourceful Americans are as we find new ways to grow our company and industries in today's changing business/industrial environment. In many cases, depending on the location of a facility, renovating, repurposing and reutilizing old, outdated buildings is definitely a more efficient way to do business.

In this issue, you can see the new dynamics that are shaping the beer distribution industry with groups such as KEG 1—and many others like it. There’s a new “feel” to the distribution industry because people and companies are coming together to develop and expand their distribution capabilities.

We have the experience and a full toolbox of services to help clients wherever they are located nationwide. We can help identify choice real estate, assist in the disposition of existing real estate, provide finance advice, develop custom designs, and build/renovate a facility. It’s a win/win for everyone—whether it is beer distribution, medical office space, education facilities, or another industry, you can count on us to do the job.

We appreciate the opportunities our clients give us—and the ABC recognition. That’s why MVG makes a difference!

Awards and Honors

Miller-Valentine Construction has recently been recognized by Associated Builders and Contractors, Ohio Valley Chapter, for the following accomplishments:

The Safety Training Evaluation and Process DIAMOND AWARD—the industry’s highest recognition for achievement and excellence in construction. This is the third year in a row our construction team has earned this award.

Did you know?
Miller-Valentine Construction has worked 1,207 days (552,679 hours) without a recordable injury or lost time because of an accident?

Excellence in Construction

Heidelberg Distributing

EAGLE AWARD for the Heidelberg Distributing project—779,000 SF renovation and repurposing of the Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. warehouse in Moraine, OH

Huhtamaki North America

EAGLE AWARD for the Huhtamaki North America project—942,000 SF renovation and repurposing of the old Ford Motor Company transmission plant in Batavia, OH

University of Dayton Roesch Library

MERIT AWARD—University of Dayton Roesch Library—Façade renovation of the 1970, seven-story brick building in Dayton, OH

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