University of Dayton - Caldwell grounds
The Caldwell Street student housing project.
UD Caldwell group
Front Row: Bruce C. Bullman, Director Facilities Management, Beth Keyes, Vice President for Facilities Management and Russ Potyrala, Tech Operations & Systems Officer, University of Dayton. Back Row: Tony Williams, Sr. Project Manager, Greg Rambo, Project Manager and Ed Blake, CFO, Miller-Valentine Construction.
UD Caldwell interior
Interior of a Caldwell Street apartment.

Living and Learning: UD Student Housing raises the bar

The University of Dayton has created a model for modern residential living on college campuses with its Caldwell Street student housing project. It’s a redeveloped, 6-acre campus community of the future with five townhouse residences, a mechanical building for the project’s utilities, and a courtyard connecting all of them. UD’s goal was to create a student community that “fit in” with the surrounding neighborhoods. And they have done exactly that with the townhouse façades that feature arches, overhangs, gables and dormers that are similar to the surrounding neighborhoods. See the video

Building the campus community—that was designed by the university—was an enormous task for the Miller-Valentine Construction team headed by Tony Williams, senior project manager for the project. To be sure that the residences were ready for the opening of school, the team—often more than 250 workers—put in many seven-day weeks because of the “accelerated schedule” required for the August 2012 date. With Miller-Valentine’s FastTrack construction, the project was completed on time and ready for student move-in day.

It was worth the effort, according to UD officials. The new Caldwell Street apartments will accommodate 425 upperclassmen and international students and sets the pace for future residential projects at the school.

Camp Joy
Front Row: Jon Slocum, Operations Director, and Amy Thompson, Executive Director, Camp Joy. Back Row: Dustin Bailey, Sr. Project Manager and Chris Knueven, President, Miller-Valentine Construction.

Camp Joy is more than a camp.
It’s a unique EXPERIENCE! And Miller-Valentine Construction helped make
it happen!

Miller-Valentine Construction just completed renovating the dining hall at Camp Joy in Clarksville, Ohio. The beautiful raised, vaulted grand entrance to the facility opens into an inviting dining room.The massive fireplace also makes the dining hall a welcoming “gathering place” for Camp Joy’s hundreds of young people and their families as they prepare for the many hands-on outdoor experiences and fun-filled activities.

The renovation project included the construction of new restrooms, the installation of new flooring, windows and fixtures as well as electrical service upgrades for the original, 50-year-old building. We also added an outdoor covered deck that makes it easier for our staff to get from one room to the next.

Camp Joy is an independent, nonprofit organization that started in a 315-acre dairy field nearly 75 years ago! Its original purpose—to provide a summer camp for children from disadvantaged backgrounds—has never changed. Just expanded. Today, it offers customized programs and hands-on learning experiences in a fun-filled outdoor setting for young children, teens and adults.

ATKBuild-to-Suit-for-Lease: An attractive option for ATK Aerospace

Miller-Valentine Construction built this 175,000-square-foot building for ATK in Dayton, Ohio—then leased it to them for 10 years. ATK Aerospace Systems, Military does research and design work for the US military and is dedicated to the advancement of aerospace composite antennas, radomes, and structures. The campus includes design, fabrication and test facilities.

Moving forward!

Chris Knueven

Looking for the perfect space for your growing business—but don’t have the capital to invest up front? Miller-Valentine has the answer!

Our build-to-suit-for-lease program has proved to be an attractive option for business owners who are looking for new or renovated facilities at a cost they can afford. 

Miller-Valentine Construction’s build-to-suit-for-lease possibilities for office space, manufacturing, distribution, and/or industrial projects are countless. With a lease, you have flexibilityand the option to move on at the end of the lease term.

Your facility can always fit your business needs. You won’t be subject to long-term issues related to property obsolescence. We can upgrade or renovate for you without business disruption.

Choosing to build-to-suit-for-lease was an attractive option for ATK Aerospace of Dayton, Ohio.

Did you know?

Miller-Valentine Construction has built more than 50 million square feet of commercial space and owns and manages commercial portfolio of over 11 million square feet in a variety of sectors. Miller-Valentine Residential has developed more than 13,000 units, and owns and manages over 11,000 multi-family, senior living, and student housing residential units. We want to be your single source for commercial real estate.

Miller-Valentine Construction offers attractive build-to-suit-for-lease options that give you greater flexibility, no capital investment and only a lease term commitment. Our 50-year track record of reliable property management and construction capabilities means that your new or renovated facility will fit your business needs.

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