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    Property Management

    Property Management

    We think like owners because we are owners.

    As a company with over fifty years of knowledge and experience in  building, owning and maintaining commercial properties, we understand the risks involved in investing in commercial real estate. Our primary goal is to maximize your property’s value. Our team does this by implementing a variety of proven strategies that position your asset to achieve its highest possible return.

    Miller-Valentine Group Realty Services is focused on Third Party Management.

    Our firm has dedicated its future to servicing third party clients. We currently manage over 7 million square feet of commercial space for all varieties of ownership structures - owner-occupied, investment, and third party ownership options. Using this experience, we can provide sound advice on what is most beneficial to you.

    You have unique needs. We have unique answers.

    Miller-Valentine Group Realty Services provides a broad spectrum of services capable of meeting your business goals ranging from the basic essentials, such as reporting, rent collection and fulfilling your property’s distinct requirements, to more complex solutions like energy conservation. Our team has the experience and flexibility to design a program that best suits your needs. We will work with you to develop a unique management plan to effectively and efficiently manage and maintain your building.

    Strong Relationships = Continued Success

    Miller-Valentine Group Realty Services works to foster positive relationships between our team and your tenants, which minimizes turnover, reduces vacancy rates  and leads to higher ROI. Our team accomplishes this by doing regular site inspections and visits to your clients. We aim to solve problems before they start.

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    Good business begins with good people.

    Miller-Valentine Group Realty Services recruits and maintains talented, innovative, and experienced staff, focused on tenant and client satisfaction. In an effort to uphold our high standard for customer service, we survey our clients and tenants on our efforts every twelve to twenty-four months. We consistently score high on these surveys.

    Our vendor relationships benefit your bottom line.

    The size of our portfolio enables us to capitalize on discounts offered by a variety of vendors to secure competitive pricing that is passed to our clients. We continually pursue partnerships that will benefit you.

    Technology is the key to efficiency.

    Miller-Valentine Group Realty Services uses the latest technology solutions for accounting, reporting and communication. Our computerized maintenance tracking software allows us to streamline our maintenance services, creating greater operational efficiencies.

    We are an advocate of "green” practices.

    We believe in reducing energy consumption and increasing energy performance. We work with you to combine environmentally friendly practices while controlling costs by offering green cleaning products, recycling and energy efficient air conditioning and electrical products.


    Miller-Valentine Group Realty Services offers commercial property management services in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio.