Construction Management

Miller-Valentine Construction will manage and guide you through the overall planning, coordination, and control of your projects from beginning to completion.

Owner Representation

An owner may hire Miller-Valentine Construction as their designated representative to oversee decisions surrounding a project, including coordination with the architect, engineer, contractor, broker, or other individuals.


In Design/Build construction, the owner contracts with a design/build contractor to provide both design and construction services. With this approach, Miller-Valentine, the architect/engineer and owner work as a team, and this method creates one point of contact with a faster delivery schedule, and competitive market pricing. As the Design/Builder, Miller-Valentine assumes single source responsibility for an entire project, from design to construction to warranty.

Build-To-Suit For Lease

Miller-Valentine is known for delivering exceptional Build-To-Suit For Lease experiences. The Build-To-Suit For Lease option affords companies all the benefits of their own customized space without the commitment and responsibilities of ownership. This option helps companies preserve capital, while reaping the benefits of fresh, new space designed exactly to their specifications and branded with their own identity.(more)

Site Selection

Site selection determines the ideal location for any real estate use within a chosen market. A site selection analysis will vary dramatically by use and considers those factors most relevant to the user.

Renovation and Expansion

Rather than building a new facility, the renovation or expansion of your existing facility can sometimes provide a more cost-effective solution for your growing business needs. Miller-Valentine Construction has extensive experience working with companies to analyze the benefits of renovating or expanding your existing space vs. new construction.

Tenant Fit-Up

The design and construction of a complete environment within a building shell. Once a client's requirements are completely understood, the Miller-Valentine Construction team can plan the space to accommodate specific needs.

Interior Design and Planning

From concept and master planning to interior design, Miller-Valentine Construction produces environments that spark interest and are unique to each client. Our interior solutions are efficient, increase productivity, and positively impact your surroundings.

Fast Track Scheduling

Fast Track Scheduling allows construction on a project to begin prior to the completion of design drawings. As a result, work is completed in less time than traditional methods where the design is finalized prior to commencement of construction.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a reduction in cost without compromising vision, appearance and function; leveraging the design/build process to achieve early value decisions with the greatest cost impact.

LEED Consulting

All projects can benefit from sustainable design principles and effective, cost beneficial designs that have a positive impact on our environment, both physical and workplace. For those who wish to own a LEED certified building, or apply LEED practices throughout the construction of their facility, Miller-Valentine Construction has the expertise to lead a project team through the LEED certification process. We presently have fourteen LEED Accredited Professionals on staff in Project Management and Interior Design; and are actively involved with USGBC's Cincinnati Regional Chapter.

Total Project Cost

The total amount a customer will spend on the completion of their building from start to finish.

Government Incentives

Local and state government agencies offer incentives for companies who are planning to locate within their jurisdiction. These include incentives such as tax breaks, assistance with financing or land purchase and more.

Financial Analysis

Miller-Valentine can help you navigate through the financial complexities of your project, highlighting available alternatives and offering our experience and expertise in selecting the course that works best for you and your business. We look at the total picture and help you understand how the real estate decisions you make can affect your business now, and in the future.

Property Analysis

Property analysis provides the research necessary in order to come to the best conclusions about an identified site. Understanding the many different factors that impact a location, from zoning regulations to soil issues provides you the information necessary to make good business decisions.

Master Planning

Master planning is a means to create an overall rational plan for a project, as opposed to an organic development which may result in adjacent incompatible or inconsistent uses.

Site Acquisition

Once a site is identified for a particular use or project, and a property analysis is performed, site acquisition is the process of purchasing the site.