Employee Spotlight

Q & A with Tony Beach
30 Year Associate with Miller-Valentine Construction

Q: What do you remember about your first Project with Miller-Valentine Group?

A: "My first project was on a senior living facility that is still in operation today, One Lincoln Park. I was actually already on that project with a different company as a surveyor, but jumped at the opportunity to work with Miller-Valentine Group who was hiring at the time. Colin McCormick (retired) was the Superintendent on the project, and turned out to be a great mentor. In fact, my youngest son Colin is named after him! I have very fond memories of the crews I worked with on my first projects, as they taught me so much and really took me under their wings."

Q: How did you feel after each of your promotions?

A: "It’s always a great feeling to be recognized for your efforts, and then to be rewarded for them through compensation and/or promotion. As I look back on my growth with Miller-Valentine, each promotion provided an opportunity to apply what I had learned, to become a teacher for those I work with, and to be a leader to the project team. My parents always taught me to work hard, be responsible, take pride in your job, and you will be rewarded. My recent promotion to Construction Manager is just another step in my growth, providing me further opportunity to be a good teacher/leader. I believe I play a part in the future of the company as some of the existing Construction Managers consider retirement -- Vice-President? President? Partner? You never know!"

Q: As a newly promoted Construction Manager, what advice would you give a newly hired field Associate?

A: "I would advise a new hire to work hard, and appreciate the benefits of working for a good organization that cares about its people. This is the place to be if you want to be part of a company that has stood the test of time for over 50 years, and will be here for at least another 50 more, adding value for their clients, community, and Associates. Safety is paramount in our business, and Miller-Valentine Group is committed to ensuring that at the end of the day, everyone in our organization returns home, happy and healthy!
30 years is a long time with one organization…."

Q: What has kept you at Miller-Valentine Group?

A: "I realize it’s rare these days to stay with one company for this length of time. However, there are many Associates with Miller-Valentine who have this same claim. I know when I come to work every morning, I will have a job to do, and work to be done. Management is committed to ensuring all Associates are secure in their positions. With all the opportunities provided to me, as well as job security, I have not given any thought to employment elsewhere."

Q: Can you name your most memorable project with Miller-Valentine Group?

A: "It’s hard to name just one – my most memorable projects included some of our earlier tilt-up buildings that were 450,000+ square feet. To be part of building something so large in size was truly an exciting experience for me. Bringing those buildings to completion provided a sense of pride that is hard to explain. As Superintendent of the Stratford Heights Project, I was responsible for the construction of 15 buildings, 2 parking garages, and additional site development. Upon completion of this project, they put my name on the dedication plaque… now that’s a memory!"

Q: Any final thoughts?

A: "Working in construction is hard – weather, schedules, budgets, deadlines – all provide challenges to be met every day. A true sense of commitment is needed from everyone involved in order to deliver a project to our client as promised. You must be a committed team player in order for a project to be a success. Without a doubt, the Associates I work with have the drive and dedication needed to produce quality products and services for our clients. Just check out the “Testimonial” page on our web site: about-us/testimonials -- Praise like this comes only as a result of teamwork and dedication."